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Club Announcements

Spartanburg Area Citadel Club Earns Gold Stars for 2023

We are excited to announce that the Spartanburg Citadel Club has been named a GOLD STAR CLUB for the 4rd year in a row. Thank you for everyone's help and participation in making the Spartanburg Area Club one of the best clubs!!! Go Bulldogs!!!

Answering The Call

We are pleased to announce our SPARTANBURG AREA CITADEL CLUB SCHOLARHSIP for Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Union counties. Schlorship is now funded, our next goal is to be funded at $75,000 (or higher!)

How are we going to do this? Well, good news! We have two anonymous gifts of $10,000 each that we need to match and we hope you will consider helping us get there by August. Jonathan Walker, our Citadel Foundation liaison, will be reaching out to our alumni in our area to ask for your pledge and your commitment to "Answering the Call" for future KNOBS! When we started this, we thought we might get $10,000 and then raise the remainder over 5 years which is our window to get this done! However, with the $20,000 matching pledge gifts, we realized that $50,000 was a realistic goal and could be done in the next two months!

Annual Club Dues

Yearly club dues of $125 (July 23 - June 24). These will be payable at our August Event. Out of this $125, $100 will go to the scholarship fund and $25 to fund club events this coming year. Here it gets a little tricky and we need your understanding. Please pay your $100 to The Citadel Foundation, then you would just need to pay $25 to the club via paypal or by writing a check to the SPARTANBURG AREA CITADEL CLUB.

Pay $100:

Pay $25

Why the two payments? Good Question and here is the answer. If you send that $100 to The Citadel Foundation, you will get credit for your gift and your gift will help you in your cumulative giving to the Citadel Foundation.

Citadel Alumni Association

Club Officers
President: Claude Saleeby, '71
Vice President: Rick Higgins, '86
Treasurer: Ryan McCarty, '01
Communications: Matt Brock, '99

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